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Beneath the city was the Labyrinth, and teeming within the Labyrinth were the Moles that created and maintained the hundreds of miles of tunnels that ran from harbor to countryside. Becks was part of a top-rated Mole crew, and she was a significant part of their solid reputation.It wasn’t egotism; twelve-year-old girls simply weren’t kept on Mole crews unless they were indispensable there.
She thought that most of the crew had forgotten that she was a girl, which was fine by her; she didn’t think their captain, Sal, had forgotten exactly, but as long as she maintained their Mole in its tip-top form, he’d keep acting like he had. Occasionally, though, she had nightmares about breaking her fingers, or going blind—she usually woke up crying from those, Sal’s habitual leer burnt into her retinas like fresh solder.
She was surprised when one day, a Dolly around about her own age sidled up to her while she was cleaning their Mole’s great cutterhead.Dollies didn’t usually come down into th…

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